Corporate Information

Requesting personal information

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, there is a formal process to gain access to personal health or employment records.

The request must:

  • be in writing and signed
  • Clearly state the name, date of birth and contact details of the applicant
  • Clearly state what information is required
  • If a third party is requesting the information, then the application must include a signed authorisation from the person whom the information is about.

It can take up to 40 days to obtain personal information, as stated in the Data Protection Act 1998. This enables the team to locate the specific information requested.


In accordance with the Data Protection act 1998 there is a £10.00 fee applicable to access health records, unless the records have been updated within the last 40 days. It may be possible to view the record with a health professional if required. Copies of the health record are available at a cost of 35p per page, subject to a maximum fee of £50.00, in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Accessing personal records of deceased individuals
Applications to obtain the health records of deceased patients are dealt with in accordance with the Access to Health Records Act 1990. Please note that there is no automatic right for individuals to access the health records of the deceased, however, in most cases a voluntary disclosure will be agreed. In accordance with this Act there is no maximum charge for copies.

Please send all request forms to:

Legal Services
Countess of Chester Hospital
NHS Foundation Trust
The Countess of Chester Health Park
Liverpool Road

Privacy Notice
This privacy notice sets out how The Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (The Trust) uses and protects any information that you provide to us.