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  • Jul14
    Thinking about the future of the hospital…

    Chief Exec's Blog: Thinking about the future of the hospital…

    We are faced with three principal challenges. First, the financial squeeze continues as we pay off the national deficit. Second, a rapidly ageing population where we will have a million more people over seventy by 2020. Third, the rising expectations of those we serve – from new technologies and cancer treatments to the need for 7 day services.

    On the surface of things the challenge seems simple enough… this organisation currently costs £210m pounds per year to run, yet we can only afford to be an organisation that costs £190m. We need to deliver services for £20m less every year, whilst keeping the same standards of safety, kindness and effectiveness. There isn’t enough money to carry on doing what we’ve always done. It is time to do things differently – and we only have two years to do it.


  • Jun30
    What do you see...?

    Chief Executive’s blog: What do you see…?

    It’s not always possible due to the many other competing priorities that we have in our working day. It’s something I try to do whenever possible. If you don’t I would urge you to give it a go. Simply walk through the hospital and look… really take a good look. What do you see?

    Every minute of every day, working in the NHS – in our own way we each have an impact on the people we care for and their families. Yet how often do we slow down, press ‘pause’ and recognise these small but significant moments of impact?

    I’m particularly interested in those moments of kindness. And how do we capture it and bottle it? We haven’t used a bottle, but we think we’ve made a start…


  • Jun09
    Countess Rock – Safe, Kind & Effective

    Where does the time go?

    We are almost into the summer [although A&E still feels like winter] and many of us will be thinking about or going off on our holidays. Holidays for me are all about walking up without the alarm, alfresco meals, unexpected afternoon naps and local food. Day trips are part of the fun too; and growing up included Kendal Mint Cake, Grasmere Gingerbread and Blackpool Rock. This has got me thinking…


  • May11
    It’s my anniversary!

    It’s been 2 years, 8 quarters, 104 weeks. That’s how long I have been working here. 7th May 2013 seems like only 5 minutes ago.

    I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed and for the avoidance of doubt, even if my face doesn’t always show it, I love working here. The best doctors, the best nurses, the best AHPS, admin staff, caterers, managers, chaplains, governors etc. etc. This is a special place. I can still remember being surprised by how people smiled and said ‘hello’ on the corridor. It isn’t like that in every hospital…..


  • Mar20
    UN International Day of Happiness

    It happened again.

    I woke up this morning with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. My morning run was a breeze. The Labradors and I whistled in the dogs case barked a tune of happiness. I smiled and waved at people as they whistled the same tune too.


  • Mar16
    Reflections on a frontline workforce that inspires the ‘art of the possible’…

    Guest blog from Director of Human Resources & Organisational Development, Sue Hodkinson

    On the first of every month myself, and my executive colleagues enjoy the privilege of engaging with members of staff during a planned walk through the corridors, wards and offices in both our Chester and Ellesmere Port hospitals to meet with staff and patients. The conversations and feedback really make us stop and think – and then sometimes we think some more. So much so that I want to share with you one of our more recent encounters, that we have since been referring to as ‘The Frances Effect’.