Corporate Information

Car Parking

The Trust operates a pay on foot system - similar to those of the Grosvenor Centre, Liverpool 1, and Manchester Airport.

We have an excellent record on vehicle protection with barrier entry and exit, 24 hour manned security and CCTV coverage, which is all paid for by the parking charge. Any surplus from the parking charges, after paying for the fabric of the car-parks, barriers and 24 hour manned security, goes into general hospital funds. These funds can be used for any of the costs associated with running the hospital, including medical staff, equipment, buildings and other elements of patient care.

Many patients and visitors are exempt from paying the charge, including patients on certain benefits, disabled badge holders attending an appointment, some regular patients and families of patients in certain units.

How it works

  • When the patient or visitor arrives at the hospital, a ticket is issued on entrance to the car park.
  • When they are ready to leave the hospital the ticket should be inserted into one of the pay stations situated at various locations around the Trust grounds, including; Main Entrance; the main corridor by the Eye Clinic; Outpatients 3 Entrance; W&C Entrance; Jubilee Day Centre, and A&E.
  • After inserting the payment, the ticket is retrieved from the pay station and should be inserted into the car park's barrier machine when leaving.

The new system allows a 30 minute drop off facility for all car park users. If a car park is full the 30 minute free facility will allow you to exit to try other car parks instead of waiting for a vacant space.

The pay stations provide change which eliminates the need for separate change machines as well as the inconvenience for visitors.

All of the pay stations and barrier machines at the car park exits operate an intercom system which allows visitors to request help or assistance from Security staff if required.

The following charges apply:

  • First 30 minutes FREE
  • up to 5 hours £3
  • 5 to 8 hours £5
  • More than 8 hours £7

These changes to the car parking system do not have any effect on those groups of patients and visitors who are entitled to exemption from paying or assistance with car parking charges. Those groups entitled to exemptions or assistance are clearly displayed at all pay stations and outside the Cash Office situated in the main entrance, as well as on the Trust's website. Patients and visitors who are exempt from car parking charges should take their ticket to the Cash Office with the appropriate documentation.

Free Parking

  • Patients who are disabled badge holders
  • Kidney Dialysis Patients
  • Cancer patients attending the Oncology Dept
  • Patients on the following benefits: Pension Credits, Income Support, NHS Exemption Certificate, Job Seekers Allowance, or Holders of HC2 and HC3 forms
  • Relatives of deceased patients, who are attending the hospital to collect a death certificate
  • Inpatients in hospital over two weeks family will be supported 

In addition, the Trust will assist certain visitors by allowing the following individuals to purchase a single ticket for £10 (plus a £20 refundable deposit), that will allow unlimited free visiting whilst the patient is staying at the hospital.

  • Families of patients on Critical Care who have been there in excess of three days
  • Families of babies on the Neonatal Unit, who have been there in excess of three days

Patients / visitors are advised to ask the nurse in charge or a member of staff in the cash office if they feel they qualify for an exemption among those listed above. In addition, the Trust takes everyone's individual circumstances into consideration so if you feel you should be exempt from a car parking charge and your circumstances are not listed above, the Trust will consider an exemption if it is deemed appropriate.  The cash office is situated near to the main entrance and is open from 9.30am - 4.30pm, Monday-Friday.

Please note:

Cars that are found not to be parked in official car parks or are inappropriately in disabled spaces will be issued with a Civil Enforcement Notice (parking ticket) and will incur a charge of £30 - this will be reduced to £15 if paid within 14 days.

It should also be noted that access for emergency vehicles has to be maintained as a priority at all times.