Group cheque presentation photograph

Funds to donate to

The Hospital has over 80 areas that we raise money for. Together these make up The Countess Charity

You can make a donation to virtually any ward area and choose whether this is for the staff or patient fund. The full list is below but if you would like to discuss your options please call 01244 366240 and we will be happy to help.

If you are unsure as to which area to support donations to the Hospital Fund are used to purchase items by clinical staff that they need the most.


Fund name  Fund Number 
The Hospital Fund 9013
The Car Boot Fund 9009
Patients Amenities 9016
Staff Amenities 9018
Trees Of Life 9019
Audiology 9020
The Respiratory Fund 9021
Cardiac Rehabilitation Fund 9022
Chester Activity And Ageing 9025
Chester Cardiac Fund 9026
Coronary Care Unit 9027
Dermatology 9028
Diabetes And Endocrinology 9029
G.U.Medicine 9030
Gastroenterology Research 9031
Heart Equipment Fund 9032
Haematology And Oncology Fund 9035
Lipid Clinic Research Fund 9036
Out Patient Leg Ulcer 9037
Medical Education Fund 9039
Chapel 9040
Nursing Develpment Fund 9042
Palliative Care 9043
Breast Care Unit Fund 9050
Radiolology Research 9053
Ultrasound Fund 9054
Accident And Emergency 9057
The Pain Service Trust Fund 9058
Chester Eye Fund 9059
Chester Urology Fund 9060
E.N.T.  Fund 9063
Critical Care Fund 9066
Maxillo-Facial 9070
Orthopaedic Teaching-Research 9072
Orthoptic Post-Diplo Training 9073
Plastic Surgery 9075
Colorectal And Stoma Care 9078
Tissue Viability 9080
Vascular Surgery 9082
Chester Assisted Conception 9088
Neonatal Fund 9091
O And G Course Fund 9092
Paediatric Fund 9094
Play Staff Training 9096
Prenatal Diagnosis Fund 9097
Snaps 9099
Financial Services 9105
Endovascular Graft 9107
Osteoporosis Research Fund 9108
Acc And Emer-Accdnt Prevention 9114
Haemo Dialysis Fund 9121
Prostate Cancer Fund 9123
Chester Human Milk Bank Appeal 9124
Childrens Playground Fund 9126
Stork Partent'S Support Group 9127
Childrens Comm. Nurses Fund 9128
Infant Feeding And Parent Educ 9130
Stroke Area Fund 9132
Nephrology Education Fund 9136
Chester Rheumatology Fund 9137
Rheum Spec Nurse Education 9138
Sensory Garden Fund 9139
Angela Gildea Breast Equipment 9140
Heart Failure Fund 9142
Renal Dialysis Unit Fund 9148
Upper Gastrointestinal Fund 9150
Cardiac Catheter Lab Fund 9152
Peter Mcferran Appeal 9160
Kisiizi Hospital Project 9163
Eph Major Equipment 9165
Eph General Fund 9169
Therapies Fund 9170
Cardiac Research Fund 9171
General Staff Amenities 9172
Childrens Sensory Room Appeal 9173
The Babygrow Appeal 9174
North West Human Milk Bank 9175
Ward 41 Fund 9176