The Ultrasound Breast Scanner Appeal

We have launched a new appeal to raise £120,000 to purchase a new Ultrasound Breast Scanner for the Breast Care Unit at the Hospital. This will replace an existing scanner which was installed back in 2009 and was purchased from charitable funds. Our Breast Care Unit currently has 2 scanners which are in constant use, daily.  By fundraising for another scanner, patients can be seen sooner than with just one scanner.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK today.  Each year over 55,000 people are diagnosed – of which at least 300 are men.  Early detection is invaluable as 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer.  Here in Chester 250 new cases are diagnosed each year and approximately 50 new patients are assessed in the Countess of Chester Hospital each week.

Whilst most women are familiar with a mammogram image, the ultrasound is often used in younger patients, as the breast tissue is less fatty, thus ensuring a much clearer image.  By using an ultrasound scanner, diagnosis and further investigations and procedures can be performed. 

We have an exciting number of events lined up over the next few months supporting the Ultrasound Breast Scanner Appeal so please visit our facebook page if you would like to get involved:


Ultrasound Scanner 2