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Welcome to the Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust's 'Working with Us' page, where you will find valuable information about our Trust.  We would encourage you to take the time to walk through our website, using the links on the left, to find out much more about us and to access valuable comprehensive information about the Trust.  You may also find our library of video's to be helpful to you.

Whether you are interested in finding out what it would be like to work at the Countess, what opportunities we have available or you're preparing your application for a job or preparing for an interview with us, there is something here for everyone.

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New patient flow technology has been installed at the Countess that reduces the time people spend in hospital by improving bed management and giving staff more time to care for patients. The Co-ordination Centre Programme uses 4,000 sensors installed throughout the site to create a real-time picture of the entire hospital, giving the location of tagged equipment and picking up data from badges and electronic wristbands staff and patients are being asked to wear. This information is sent to a Co-ordination Centre, which acts like an air traffic control room, where decisions can be made in patients’ best interests and to reduce waiting times where possible using the real-time data. Watch how this approach makes a difference to life at The Countess on the Co-ordination Centre Programme video below: 


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