Assisted Conception treatment


The Countess of Chester hospital is licensed by the HFEA to provide intra Uterine Insemination (IUI). This procedure usually involves the stimulation of the ovaries with medication (usually in the form of a very short course of injections) to produce between 1 and 3 eggs, the response of the ovaries are carefully monitored with  ultrasound scanning by our team of clinicians to ensure the correct response. Once treatment is deemed suitable an injection is given to complete the maturation of the eggs 24-36 hours before a prepared sample from the partner is inseminated into the uterus using a soft catheter passed through the cervix (a procedure similar to a smear test).

All these procedures will take place in the fertility unit at the Countess of Chester Hospital.

Transport IVF/ ICSI

The fertility Unit at the Countess of Chester hospital is licensed to provide transport IVF and ICSI in conjunction with the Hewitt Centre at the Liverpool Women's Hospital.

As a transport assisted conception unit all patients are seen in the IVF clinic at the Countess of Chester, where all their investigations and consenting are undertaken. Patients can also have any counselling performed at the Countess before undergoing stimulation of the ovaries with injections. All monitoring of ovarian response is undertaken at the Countess of Chester. When the ovaries reach optimum response the patient will undergo an oocyte collection at the Countess under sedation which usually takes no more than 15-20 minutes.  All sedation is carried out by a Consultant anaesthetist with the help of an anaesthetic assistant in accordance with all the best practice guidelines. The collected eggs are identified by an embryologist in our laboratory prior to transport to the Hewitt Centre

After collection the oocytes are transported by the patients partner to the Hewitt Centre where  the eggs are either mixed or injected with  the partners sperm (see treatment), to create embryos.

The embryos are kept within the Hewitt Centre before being transferred back to the patient 2,3 or 5 days after collection depending upon the number and quality of the embryos obtained.

Any surplus embryos that are suitable to be frozen will be cryopreserved and kept in the Hewitt Centre until required by the patient for further treatment.

Transport Assisted Conception and the HFEA

All treatment in the form of Assisted conception in the UK has to be licensed by the HFEA, the countess of Chester hospital is licensed ton provide IUI treatment on site as well as procuring gametes for transport IVF/ICSI. Transport IVF at the Countess is provided in conjunction with the Hewitt Centre at the Liverpool Women's Hospital and as such all licensable activity in conjunction with patients treatment (The mixing/ injection of eggs and sperm, the creation of embryos and their subsequent transfer or storage) can only be done at the Hewitt Centre who hold the license for treatment.

For more details of the License for transport IVF please see/ contact:

The Hewitt Centre for Reproduction
Liverpool Womens Hospital
Crown Street
L8 7SS

The Human fertilisation & Embryology Authority
Finsbury Tower
103-105 Bunhill Row

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