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Is infertility common?

An estimated one in seven couples have difficulty conceiving and there are several possible reasons why it may not be happening naturally. If you are concerned about not being pregnant, your first call should be to your GP. He or she can take a history, give you a physical exam and may recommend some tests or lifestyle changes. Your GP can also refer you on to see a specialist and we are delighted that with the opening of our new unit the Countess is at the forefront of fertility treatment in the North West.

What makes the Countess different to other clinics?

We offer a consultant led service through all stages of treatment. Those patients that require IVF and or ICSI are offered sedation  for their egg collection, and this is always administered by a Consultant Anaesthetist. Patient safety and overall quality of service are our priority. We are a dedicated team of caring professionals that offer individualised care to all our patients. The staff are friendly and approachable, and with our combined expertise we provide high quality treatment at all times in a caring, relatively stress free environment.

Do you offer both egg donation and egg sharing?

We do offer both egg sharing and egg donation. Unfortunately we have a limited numbers of egg donors and so the waiting list is often quite long.

How long will treatment take?

Depending on the drug regime you are on, most IVF and ICSI cycles take at most five to six weeks from start to finish. This includes the final pregnancy test to discover whether treatment has been successful or not.

No. Once you have been referred you will usually receive an appointment within two to three weeks.

Do you treat lesbian couples?

Yes. All patients that require donated gametes are required to see our Unit counsellor and this includes women in a relationship who wish to have a child.

Do you accept single women?

Yes. All patients that receive donated gametes are required to see our Unit Counsellor and this includes women seeking donor treatment that do not have a partner.

Can I freeze my eggs?

Yes we now offer egg freesing as a treatment option.

Do you have a waiting list?

The waiting list for NHS treatment is variable dependant upon where you live, but is now usually less than 1 year, it may be quicker.

Is counselling available free of charge for couples undergoing licensed treatment?

Yes. Couples can see our Counsellor either at the Centre or at her home by appointment.

For IVF and ICSI can I speak directly to the laboratory staff to discuss my eggs, embryos and sperm?

Yes. Laboratory staff are very happy to discuss your treatment at any time throughout the process.


To find out more about the services available at the Countess of Chester, please make an appointment with your GP. In addition, you can visit the Human Fertilisation Embryology Authority Website at www.hfea.gov.uk

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