Infertility Management Programme

At the Countess of Chester's Fertility & Assisted Conception Unit, we have established an Infertility Management Programme that outlines a series of investigations which aim to reveal the likely causes of a couple's infertility, within the course of one full menstrual cycle.

Couples going through the Infertility Management Programme will be offered an initial appointment within 3 weeks of referral, at which time a full history and examination will be undertaken including vaginal swabs and an ultrasound scan to assess the uterus and ovaries. Male partner examinations including semen analysis will also be conducted. Further detailed investigations such as testing the function of the fallopian tubes, will be planned during this initial appointment.

Carrying out the appropriate investigations at the right time will allow both our specialists and our patients to arrive at a complete understanding of the cause of any problem before embarking on the most appropriate treatment. The purpose of this systematic approach is to diagnose & treat infertility, avoiding unnecessary waiting, and reducing periods of stress and uncertainty, which will hopefully result in a successful pregnancy.

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