Antenatal Care

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Booking appointment

This will be the appointment completed between 6-8 weeks of pregnancy.  The midwife will arrange your screening tests you have decided to have and take some blood from you.  An ultrasound scan will be arranged which is usually performed between 11 and 13 weeks of pregnancy, this gives the midwife a predicted delivery date for your baby’s birth and also confirms that there is a heartbeat.  All your details will be in your hand held records in addition to being kept in the hospital.

Antenatal care from as early as possible has been shown to improve outcomes for women and their babies. This is also related to having a named midwife and here at the Countess we strive to provide continuity for you.

If you have no underlying medical problems you will be given an appointment in a clinic located within a Children's Centre or GP surgery in your local community. Here you will be seen by the midwife that will provide the care throughout the remainder of your pregnancy and in the postnatal period.  We aim for you to have continuity of midwife through your pregnancy as this

If you have any particular medical needs you will be able to access a hospital antenatal clinic where you will be seen by a midwife and an obstetrician so that an appropriate plan of care can be arranged. This has been shown to improve outcomes for mums and babies. Your care will be shared through your pregnancy between your named midwife in the community and the team in the antenatal clinic.

Will I see the same midwife?

A considerable amount of work has been undertaken within the community settings to promote continuity and women having access to a named midwife.  You will be given the work mobile number of a community midwife and if you need any advice at a time when your named midwife was not available, you have access to the community team within working hours or 24 hour access to a midwife on duty on the labour ward. 

Here are some useful numbers you may need:

  • Booking line 01244 363487

  • Community office 01244 365166

  • Labour ward 01244 365028

  • Antenatal Clinic 01244 365106


Birth plan

We would encourage you to think about your preferences for your birth and consider making a birth plan.   You will also have an opportunity to talk this through with your midwife during your pregnancy at around your 30th week.

Baby box

The Baby Box Company- A global initiative to equip parents with the vital education and resources needed to give babies a safe, healthy and equitable start in life.

We are issuing baby box from 28 weeks of pregnancy, to all our women who would like one.  During your booking appointment you will be issued with a card that gives you access to online modules around safety for your baby.  Once you have completed the online session, you will be issued with an electronic certificate.  Take a copy of this on your phone or a paper copy along to either:

Blacon Childrens Centre,Carlisle Road,Blacon CH1 5DB Monday 1-3pm, or Stanlaw abbey Tuesday 09.30- 11.30 Alnwick Road Ellesmere Port CH65 9HE



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