Congratulations you're pregnant - What now?

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If you have a positive pregnancy test you can contact us without going to see your GP first and we can arrange your first appointment.  Please ring our booking recording line 01244 363487 where you leave your name and a contact number.  We will then contact you to make an appointment for you to see a midwife.  We aim to arrange this with your named midwife.

We are delighted to be able to provide care for you through your pregnancy, birth and after your baby is born. If you decide to have your baby at the Countess, we will arrange a booking appointment for you; if you have your baby at a neighbouring Trust but you live within our boundary, we can share care and see you for part of your care.

Early bird

Your first appointment will be to attend an early bird group session to find out about options and choices open to you during your pregnancy.  This informal group session is led by a midwife and you can bring someone of your choice along with you too if you wish.  These sessions are very interactive and we encourage you to ask questions. We issue you with your hand held notes; these are a record of your pregnancy which you need to carry with you. It is helpful to take these notes along if you have any health related appointments during your pregnancy. 



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