Hypnobirthing at The Countess

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Expectant Mums and Dads can now experience the benefits of Hypnobirthing at The Countess as you get ready to welcome your baby.

Hypnobirthing is an established and well recognised antenatal education programme with a focus on natural birth; using the power of positive language to combine easy to learn methods of deep relaxation, breathing techniques, visualisation and positive thinking. This method has been shown to reduce anxiety, stress, fatigue, fear and pain and can help achieve a calm and gentle birth. 

Hypnobirthing techniques have been shown to help women to understand what happens to their body during labour and birth. This can aid couples to feel more in control and supports them in making the best decisions for them, in consultation with Countess midwives and the medical team.

Couples work together in hypnobirthing to achieve a positive birthing experience. Feedback has shown Dads may feel more involved when they’ve attended the hypnobirthing sessions which can enhance father and baby relationships. Couples who have used hypnobirthing report it helped them to feel empowered and achieve the gentle, calm birth they wished for.

The course consists of three sessions of approximately 2 hrs each and the ideal time to start a course is between weeks 29-32 of pregnancy. We offer sessions beginning the first Tuesday of each month for three consecutive weeks at the Countes, from 6pm-8pm, at a cost of £150. Alternatively we offer a one-to-one sessions, with all four taking place either at the unit or at home (depending on address) for £250. All of our hypnobirthing teachers have been trained and qualified using the Katherine Graves method. To find out more download our hypnobirthing leaflet or email: chester.hypnobirthing@nhs.net 

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