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The Community Midwives are able to offer the option of a home birth. You can discuss your wishes with your Midwife and she will be able to help you with your birth plan.

There is a Birthing Suite within the Maternity Unit which offers a ‘home from home’ environment,  which has a peaceful, calm and quiet atmosphere with a birthing pool in each room and comfortable furnishings to allow for extra mobility and the option to adopt different positions.

The Delivery Suite consists of an Assessment area and a Labour ward. The Labour ward has 8 rooms, 4 with baths. The Labour ward is fully equipped with obstetric, anaesthetic and paediatric back-up. There is also a Theatre, Bereavement Room and Neonatal Unit. If you have your baby in the Labour Ward, your midwife will encourage you to be mobile and focus on normality. Each shift is led by an experienced Midwifery shift leader.

You will receive guaranteed one to one care when in labour, whether at home, in our Midwifery Birthing Suite or on the Labour Ward.

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