Postnatal care


Following delivery, you are able to go home within 2-6 hours if you and your baby are well. You will then be supported by your Community Midwife and the Community Midwifery Support Workers.

In November 2010 the Maternity Unit was awarded Baby Friendly Initiative accreditation and in April 2013 the unit was reaccredited. All our Midwives and Midwifery support staff attend annual updates on infant feeding, and are able to support and help you with feeding your baby. We also have a Specialist Infant Feeding Clinic that provides a Frenulotomy service (tongue tie).

The Postnatal Ward has 27 beds, 11 of these are in single rooms.  If you need to stay in the hospital -we encourage your partner to help and support you and your new baby. Partners can attend feeding and bathing demonstrations. There are tea and coffee facilities. On the ward there is a Transitional Care area, where babies who need extra support with feeding or keeping warm, are able to stay with their mum.

All babies are offered the Baby Hearing Test either on the Ward or in the Community.

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