What happens following birth


Following Home Birth

The Midwife will usually stay with you for about an hour to offer you support with feeding your baby and to check that you and your baby are well. 


Following Birth in the hospital

When you have had your baby you would usually stay in the hospital for a couple of hours after the birth.  The Midwife will check that you and your baby are both well, and that you are happy with feeding and caring for your baby.  

When both you and the Midwife are happy, you will be discharged home and your community midwife will arrange a follow up visit the following day. The Community Midwife will then arrange the additional visits to completed such as: the new born examination within 72 hours of your baby’s birth, a hearing screen and the blood spot test if you wish to have these done and they have not been done in the hospital.

You will receive support about feeding and will be provided with information about how to contact someone if you have any concerns at any time. 

If you need to stay in hospital for any medical reason you will be transferred to the Postnatal Ward.  The length of stay on the ward would be dependent upon the reason for admission.  You will be discharged home from hospital when you and your baby are well.

We encourage all women to keep their babies with them as much as possible; this has been shown to promote mother and infant bonding and support feeding.  We also promote skin to skin contact with you and your baby to keep baby warm in addition to also being beneficial for bonding and early feeding.

Discharge from Community midwife

Once your community midwife is happy you and your baby are progressing well, she will hand over care to your Health Visitor.  Your health visitor is there to offer support and guidance through your baby’s childhood and beyond.  They will advise you on matters such as immunisations and child development. You may be discharged from the midwife at around day 10 but they can be contacted for support up to 28 days after your baby’s birth.  You can also register your baby with your GP  and access them if you have any health concern with your baby.


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