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  • Sep05
    Organ Donation Week 2019 - "Pass it on"

    This year I had the great pleasure of listening to a talk from a young boy called Max who received a lifesaving heart transplant in August 2017 aged nine, having been on the waiting list for 8 months. He spoke about the agonising wait for a new heart and shared his heart-warming story and his campaign for an opt-out system for organ donation. Max’s life-saving gift came from a young girl, Keira Ball, who passed away aged 9 years old. Her parents, Joe and Loanna, also shared their story about why they made the selfless decision to agree to donate Keira’s organs after a tragic accident. Keira’s organs helped many people, including Max, and they spoke about the comfort they took from making their decision.



  • Feb19
    'How did you get into nursing?'

    It's amazing how many times you get asked that question. There's a reason though – the answers are always interesting! I think for people outside the NHS and the public sector, it can be a fascinating topic of conversation because it's that idea of being part of something bigger; of not only working to provide for you and your family but also caring for those in your community when they need it most.


  • Jan05
    Happy New Year

    I would like to wish everyone connected to the Countess a happy and healthy New Year. I hope over the festive period you managed to find time to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones.


  • Dec11
    Moving with the times

    Everything is changing and yet everything remains the same. During my 30 years in the NHS, including the last five here at the Countess, I’ve always heard people say: “Next year will be the hardest yet.”