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  • Dec31
    Happy New Year from Chief Executive, Tony Chambers

    I hope you have returned refreshed and re-energised from your Christmas and New Year break. To those of you who worked or were on call over the holiday period I would like to say thank you.

    All our services have been particularly busy over the last week. This is not new or unusual. People flock to GP services after Christmas and again after New Year’s Day; many come to A&E and this year was no exception. I popped into the department between Christmas and New Year and was hugely impressed by the calm and professional way in which patients were cared for. What struck me was the humour and camaraderie between staff; supporting each other is often the thing that helps us to cope – I know it works for me!


  • Nov17
    Antibiotics Awareness Week - why it is a concern for us all

    Kate Oates, Antimicrobial Pharmacist with the Trust blogs about Antibiotics Awareness Week and why antibiotics awareness is so important...

    Antibiotics– how many of us have taken them at some point? I can guarantee that the overwhelming majority have been prescribed them in the past. For some they bring about a swift resolution to a minor infection while for others they are quite simply life saving.  However, the worrying story of antibiotics is that we are running out of them due to a combination of overuse and misuse. Bacteria have been around for a long time –they are clever and they are adapting – and this is not good news for any of us.


  • Oct29
    Culture, Excellence and Performance

    Aneurin Bevan’s famous words that “if a hospital bedpan is dropped in a hospital corridor in Tredegar, the reverberations should echo around Whitehall” has been interpreted a number of ways by those working in and leading the NHS. Does it mean that we should have a target for reducing dropped bedpans? Or that the Westminster Government should take direct responsibility for and control over every tiny detail of care provided in the NHS? Or was he saying something more general about accountability for services in the NHS?

    Well, times move on!


  • Sep24
    The Model Hospital

    Lots of people ask me what is the role of the Countess of Chester Hospitals chief executive. For me the answer is pretty straightforward…

    ….and that is to work every day to make sure the care experience of everyone who comes to our hospitals is a safe and as positive as possible.


  • Sep01
    CQC Inspection ‘specialist advisor’ Sandra Flynn gives a flavour of how we can get ready to showcase what we do well

    By the end of March 2016, every hospital will have been inspected under the new model of inspection adopted by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Our patient safety team is working closely with staff across the trust to get the Countess ready for the visit. I’m also hoping that I can add value to the preparations since securing a secondment to the CQC in March 2014. To date I have been released for a week at a time from my clinical duties at the Countess to take part in four CQC inspections in the Northwest and Midland region.


  • Aug14
    Deputy Chief Executive Mark Brandreth blogs on: ‘Everything you need to know about changes to how visitors find their way about the hospital…’

    How often do you find yourself walking down the main corridors at The Countess and helping patients and visitors who appear confused, lost and looking for some help with directions? For many of us working here, this happens on a daily basis. Patients arriving for a check-up, tests or an appointment can often be in a heightened state of anxiety or worry. So we all have a role to play in offering a reassuring smile, and supporting them in getting from A to B.