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Where does the time go?

We are almost into the summer [although A&E still feels like winter] and many of us will be thinking about or going off on our holidays. Holidays for me are all about walking up without the alarm, alfresco meals, unexpected afternoon naps and local food. Day trips are part of the fun too; and growing up included Kendal Mint Cake, Grasmere Gingerbread and Blackpool Rock. This has got me thinking…

If we asked Craig and his award winning catering team to produce Countess Rock what would it say within it? The answer I think is simple. It would be three words that describe what we are all about as an organisation and why we exist. These words are: Safe, Kind & Effective.

Safety is not by its nature absolute. We can always be safer, we can always improve and we will always have to strive to reduce further the risks for our patients. It is about asking if care is safe today. How reliable are our current delivery systems? Safety is about avoiding avoidable harm, following guidelines and understanding risk.

Kindness too is not absolute. It is about taking things personally and being personally accountable. Owning the problem, putting ourselves in the shoes of others, it’s about looking and listening, it’s about leadership and it’s about followership. Kindness is both an adjective and an action; kindness to patients, kindness to colleagues and each other, the kindness of strangers. It’s being generous, helpful and thoughtful about other people’s feelings. It is also not causing harm… ‘Kind to the environment or, kind to your skin.’

Finally, Effectiveness. The NHS has a huge job to do. We need to use scarce resources well, spend the NHS pound better, and focus on value rather than cost. Being effective is not just about doing the right things but also about doing the right things right.

So when you are on your holidays or day trips this summer, eating the ice cream or choosing the stick of rock take a moment to think about The Countess Rock; Safe, Kind & Effective and enjoy.

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