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Organ Donation Week - Governor's perspective

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Caroline Stein, Chair of the Organ Donation Committee, provides an update for Organ Donation Week 2021...

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Sadly, due to the understandable visiting restrictions, the Governors have not been able to have a stand in the main corridor of the hospital this week to get the latest organ donation message across to patients, visitors and staff.

Following on from Dr Tizard’s very informative blog this week I wanted to thank all the staff at the Countess who have played their part in making organ donation possible during such a difficult time.  Their commitment, empathy and professionalism must be applauded.

I was checking out my NHS app to find the code to prove I have been fully Covid vaccinated, prior to going to see Genesis this week. When I spotted under Your Health, “Manage your organ donation decision”.  This allowed me to check that my plans were documented correctly and gave the message that we all need to have that conversation with our families so that they are clear about our wishes.  So, I would encourage everyone to talk to their families, if possible, check out the NHS app and “Leave them Certain”. 

Caroline Stein

Chair Organ Donation

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Caroline Stein

Governor at the Countess of Chester Hospital

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