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Blimey where has the last 12 months gone?

It is now nearly 16 months since I took up the reigns here at the Countess and the end of March saw me complete my first full financial year as CEO. April is the time that we finalise our plans, agree our budgets, sign off our accounts and take stock on what we have done and prioritise what we need to do… together. Team Countess.

We are committed to moving from delivering ‘Good’ experiences, to consistently delivering ‘Great’ experiences, for all patients and their friends and families when they receive care here at the Countess. Going from ‘Good to Great’ is our commitment to continual year-on-year improvement.

Being ‘Great’ is our ambition to be 10 times better. It’s simply saying that if we can provide great care experiences to one person then why not for ten; if we can do it for ten, then why not a hundred; and if we can for a hundred then why not a thousand?

We are focussed on the staff experience too.

Our Team at the Countess is very special and is committed to providing care at its best to every patient, every time. I believe that when people enjoy their work and have pride in it, they will provide the best patient experiences. I was delighted by the staff survey results and that we are amongst the highest staff satisfaction scores in the NHS. Our patients also agree - with 90% of patients stating that they would recommend the Countess hospitals to their family and friends. Fantastic.

We have an outstanding record of success and there is much to be proud of. Last year was another busy year for the trust. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Moved our High Dependency and Critical Care Units into a brand new Intensive Care Unit with 100% single rooms.
  • Advancing Quality Award – Most improved trust over the past 5 years.
  • Complete refresh of our mortality review process and reduction in both HSMR and SHMI.
  • New equipment investments including a second MR scanner.
  • A review of our ward nursing numbers resulting in over £1m of new money to employ more nurses.
  • Step change in our Infection Control performance with zero MRSA bacteraemia and the lowest number of Clostridium Difficile infections that the trust has ever reported, 34 in total.
  • In December we trained and signed up our 1000 Dementia Friend – this number continues to grow.
  • Launch of our Nursing & Midwifery strategy.
  • National recognition for our ‘Research Matters’ initiative to encourage patient involvement in research and local clinical trials.

This has been a team game and everyone has had an important part to play. I have attached a link to a video that demonstrates this well. I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved and with the continued support from Team Countess we plan to continue our ‘Good to Great’ journey.

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Chief Executive of Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust.

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