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Lots of people ask me what is the role of the Countess of Chester Hospitals chief executive. For me the answer is pretty straightforward…

….and that is to work every day to make sure the care experience of everyone who comes to our hospitals is a safe and as positive as possible.  

Therefore our mission is to deliver NHS care locally that makes our community proud and we do that by a relentless focus on being Safe, Kind and Effective. [See Countess Rocks] I suppose this is about caring for patients, caring for ourselves and caring for the finances. It’s about taking things personally and therefore being accountable and not complacent. At the Countess when something happens, we need to make sure something happens!

In his report Lord Carter talked about the Model Hospital. He said…

“Many hospitals have told us they would welcome more detailed guidance on what good looks like. We therefore believe it would be appropriate to publish, in stages, what a model NHS hospital could look like”

The Countess has been asked to be the ‘proof of concept’ for this work. Over the next few weeks and months we will be working with Lord Carter team to take this forward and in time becoming the blueprint for the model hospital.

Whilst at this time I cannot describe what a model hospital blueprint looks like what I can describe is its key characteristics:

• The model hospital will focus on Value - placing a premium on value when seen from a patient and carers perspective and placing a premium on value when seen from a staff members’ perspective.

• The model hospital will focus on High Reliability – with an emphasis on the first 72 hour, reducing variation, risk and waste, zero waiting and removing process for the sake of process.

• The model hospital will focus on Operational Transparency – with an integrated picture of operational reality in real time [air-traffic control], end-to-end coordination and operational planning and demand and Supply alignment.

• The model hospital will focus on Accountability – with an emphasis on delivery at pace and instilling the discipline required to drive and sustain change and continual, improvement.

The care needs of people have changed considerably since the NHS was established, however, the way people receive care and treatment has broadly remained the same. This is an exciting challenge for us to reimagine what a hospital can be, an opportunity to think differently and to make fundamental changes to the way we organise hospital services and become the blueprint Model Hospital.

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