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Chief Executive’s blog: What do you see…?

It’s not always possible due to the many other competing priorities that we have in our working day. It’s something I try to do whenever possible. If you don’t I would urge you to give it a go. Simply walk through the hospital and look… really take a good look. What do you see?

Every minute of every day, working in the NHS – in our own way we each have an impact on the people we care for and their families. Yet how often do we slow down, press ‘pause’ and recognise these small but significant moments of impact?

I’m particularly interested in those moments of kindness. And how do we capture it and bottle it? We haven’t used a bottle, but we think we’ve made a start…

Both our Chester and Ellesmere Port hospitals will this month be making use of the some of the wall space in their main entrances in a different way. We’ve created some small exhibition space to showcase what I like to think of as Team Countess ‘moments’. This is a gallery of 15 images, and as I am sure you can imagine every picture tells a story. It includes stories of wonder, friendship, smiles, angels, unity, togetherness and steadfastness. It is who we are. It is what we do.

The images have been selected by an independent panel of creatives with expertise in photography. Drawing from a library of more than 300 pictures, they have debated and prioritised the 15 that stir an emotion, create intrigue, show connections and make them proud of their local NHS. This is just the start. These galleries are intended to become live exhibition spaces, for us to fill with more Team Countess moments in the months ahead of us. We’ll also be looking for other teams that are interested in establishing similar gallery space in their work areas to come forward.

If you are passing through the main entrances at both our Chester and Ellesmere Port hospitals, look out for the galleries. Let us know what you think. I hope like me that you’ll find the displays uplifting, and that it prompts us to think about whether the walls and corridors of our hospital might be used differently to celebrate what we do so well.

In the meantime take a walk through the corridors of the hospital and tell me what you see.

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