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Red Cross returns to support patients home from Hospital

The British Red Cross has returned to The Countess to help with discharging patients during the busy winter months.

The British Red Cross Accident & Emergency (A&E) discharge service gives doctors and nurses the confidence to discharge vulnerable patients safe in the knowledge that the British Red Cross will see them home. The community and voluntary sector partnership was first implemented back in January 2016 and proved so successful that the team is back to help again this year.

With a core team of six members of staff, the service has the flexibility to call on additional volunteers from the wider region if required and operates from Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm. There are also plans to extend the service hours to 8pm in the near future to best support the Countess and its patients.

Red Cross team and Tony Jan 18

Countess of Chester Hospital Chief Executive Tony Chambers with members of the team from the British Red Cross

Helen Featherstone, Red Cross service manager, said: “After a patient has been discharged, we will take them home and help them to settle in by putting the heating on, making them a cup of tea and a light snack, contacting a relative or neighbour and giving them information about other sources of support. We find that the emotional support and care given by our staff is important in the first hours after discharge and makes it less likely that a vulnerable person will call for further medical assistance.”

Tony Chambers, Chief Executive at The Countess said: “We are so pleased to have Helen and the team back with us again this year. We’ve developed a successful working partnership with them and they provide great support to patients when they are discharged from A&E. It is reassuring to know that when our patients leave our care they have someone with them to ensure they are settled in at home safely. They really do provide a great service and it is very much appreciated by us all at the Countess.”