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Who we are

The Chaplaincy Department has four Chaplains from different Christian Denominations, with around 50 volunteers who visit the wards and help to bring patients along to services in the Spiritual Care Centre.

Anglican, Roman Catholic or Free Church clergy are appointed by the hospital. Contacts for other faiths and beliefs are available via the Chaplains.


The Chaplain's role is to help cater for the spiritual, religious, and pastoral needs of patients, relatives and staff. Chaplains are on call 24/7 so please contact us if we can help in any way. 

Our Chaplains are always available for prayer and spiritual support. 

On the wards

Holy Communion is available on the wards. Please ask the nursing staff to inform the hospital chaplain. Gideon New Testaments are placed in each bedside locker - please tell a member of staff if it is missing. Copies of the Koran are also available, together with other Holy Books, for example the Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu faiths.

Spiritual Care Centre

The Spiritual Care Centre is situated on the first floor near the bridge. It is always open and is a place of quiet for everyone.

On Sunday at 11am there is an Interdenominational Service with Holy Communion for staff, patients and relatives. Helpers are available to assist patients to and from the Centre if needed.

For more information about times of worship at the Spirtual Care Centre click here


The Chaplaincy team can be reached at ext.4543 or you can bleep the on-call Chaplain via the Switchboard.

You can email John Kingsley, Head of Chaplaincy Services, at: