Corporate Information

Domestic Services

The Trust manages domestic services in-house with all cleaning staff undertaking mandatory training which includes safeguarding children and adults, an Infection Control Module and a qualification in cleaning. These courses are certificated and this is in addition to their Trust induction and Local Induction Training on all aspects of the job, including the Government National Colour Coding Scheme and compliance with the Health Act 2006 and the Hygiene Code which is fully implemented at the hospital.

We believe that well trained personnel not only keep the cleaning standards high but also motivates and encourages the staff to take pride in their work. The Trust takes cleaning extremely seriously and numerous independent audits have stated that the Trust maintains a very high standard of cleaning.

The Trust's significant investment in cleaning services allows us to have cleaning staff on duty throughout the day on wards, as well as increasing resource availability for busy departments such as A & E, which has 24/7 cover. We have also been able to increase the number of Rapid Response Teams for cleaning emergencies within the Trust.

The Trust conducts its own electronic monitoring system which produces a monthly report on all cleaning standards throughout the hospital. These scores are consistently above 95%.  The Trust works hard to improve the standards of cleanliness in the Hospital.