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Security Services

The Trust takes the welfare of its staff and the safeguarding of Trust property very seriously. The Trust has dedicated security staff, an extensive CCTV system as well as significant access control systems. As a result of this the Trust has a remarkably low number of car and car related thefts. In all instances of assaults on staff it is the Trust's stance to prosecute.

Security Services take responsibility for training staff in conflict resolution and crime prevention.

The Trust has an In-house Security Service that delivers a 24/7 service based on quality and care within the health care environment. The Trust complies with National legislation relating to NHS Protect who has overall responsibility for all policy and operational matters related to the management of security within the delivery of NHS services.The aim of the NHS Protect is a simple one - 'to protect the NHS so that it can better protect the public's health'

NHS Protect is developing both proactive and reactive initiatives in relation to NHS security management, which include: 

  • Creating a pro-security culture amongst staff, professionals and the public.
  • Deterring those who may be minded to breach security.
  • Preventing security incidents or breaches from occurring.
  • Detecting security incidents or breaches and ensuring these are reported in a simple, consistent manner across the NHS.
  • Investigating security incidents or breaches in a fair, objective and professional manner.
  • Applying a wide range of sanctions against those responsible for security incidents and breaches.
  • Seeking redress through the criminal and civil justice systems against those whose actions lead to loss of NHS resources.

Sequential Surveys have demonstrated that staff place great value on the Security service.


Tim Lister
Head of Security & Local Security Management Specialist
Ext: 4144