Corporate Information

Waste Management

The Trust takes its environmental responsibility very seriously with a dedicated senior manager responsible for waste management whose responsibility it is to ensure that the Trust complies operationally with its duty of care in relation to the various demanding Waste Regulations and the Environmental Protection Act.

The Trust employs dedicated waste operatives who work in two teams on a rota system providing a 7day a week service to the Trust. Their role is to collect and remove all of the waste from the hospital, ensure the hospital corridors and common areas are kept free of clutter and are tidy in addition to providing a front of house service which assists with office and equipment moves.

The Trust recycles a large amount of the waste it produces such as paper, cardboard, glass etc. and is actively looking to expand its recycling programme. The Trust compacts its residual domestic waste on site thus reducing the number of vehicles that need to access the site, then it gets moved to a recycling plant on Deeside. 70% of the Trust's domestic waste is recycled. The Trust is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and actively works towards reducing this further.