Vital Signs Machines

Thank you - with your help we have done this!!! 

We are wanting to purchase 85 Vital Signs Machines

The hospital is updating its electronic patient records system which is used by our clinical staff to manage patient care. The Countess Charity is supporting this major project by fundraising for additional new Vital Signs machines which form a part of the system. The devices take measurements of temperature, heart rate and blood pressure which automatically get updated to the system that then alerts clinicians to changes in a patient’s health including, for example, the detection of early signs of sepsis. 

We have launched our VS Machines appeal this month and will be fundraising from a range of sources. Our appeal has an overall target of £210,000 to buy 85 machines for the hospital’s project, by April 2020, which aims to ‘Release More Time to Care’ through:

  • Observations, notes and records being input and stored digitally, enabling clinical staff to have immediate access to up-to-date information when treating patients across the hospital
  • Key clinical information being stored in one place for authorised care teams to access easily whenever they need to
  • Transforming the way care is delivered by increasing responsiveness and effective decision-making at the point of need.

The measuring processes of the new vital signs machines are quicker and less intrusive and uncomfortable than existing methods and so will be of great benefit to patients, particularly the elderly and the young or for our disabled patients or those affected by dementia.  

Introducing this technology to the Countess of Chester Hospital allows it to advance itself as a digitally mature Foundation Trust utilising technology for the benefit of patients and staff. The move to the new Electronic  Patient Records system is part of the hospital’s commitment to providing safe, kind and effective care in the digital era moving away from paper based notes.

The technology and software will replace an existing patient record system that has been used at the Countess since 1999 and is the latest example of the hospital embracing new technology to improve care for patients. 

 VS Machine

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