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Preventing Sepsis

Sepsis UK 2018

There are ways that we can help to prevent the occurrence of sepsis some of these include 

  • Good hand hygiene (Click here for guidance)

  • Vaccinations such as childhood immunisations and flu vaccine

  • Reduction in the indiscriminant use of antibiotics

  • Provision of sanitary environments in resource-poor areas.

Some of the above were proven to drastically reduce infections in Kisiizi Hospital in Uganda. This is a hospital that the Countess of Chester have close links with. In a study they found that by ensuring good hand hygiene by medical professionals, bathing patients prior to surgery and closing operating theatre doors that the halved the amount of patients who developed infections following surgery.

If you have been affected by sepsis or know anyone who has been affected by sepsis and would like more information please visit the UK Sepsis trust web page

If you would like to help and join the campaign in beating sepsis donations can be made via the UK Sepsis trust