Patients, Visitors & The Public

Visiting times

Ward Visiting - 11am - 7.30pm. Exceptions to these times are listed below.

Ward Name Ward No. Contact Numbers
All the numbers listed in this section are Chester Numbers (01244) unless otherwise stated


Ward 33


Cathedral Ward 42 365601
Priory Ward 34 365141


Ward 43



Ward 47

365607 and 365608


Ward 46



Ward 48



Ward 49



Ward 50



Ward 51



Ward 44



Ward 52


Westminister Eye Clinic

Ward 55


Tower Ward

Ward 53


Ward 54

Ward 54


Exceptions to these times are: Palace Ward (Ward 45), Trinity Ward (Ward 33), the Maternity Department, Children's Unit, Neonatal Unit, the Coronary Care Unit.

Palace Ward (Ward 45) Tel: 365458

1.30pm - 7.30pm

Trinity Ward (Ward 33) Tel: 364447

1.00pm - 7.00pm

Cestrian/Maternity Ward (Ward 32) Tel: 365178

9am to 9pm for fathers / partners

1:30pm to 4pm and 6:30pm to 7:30pm for all other visitors

Children's Unit: (Ward 30) Tel: 365074

24 hour open access visiting for parents and guardians

Any other visitors: 3pm to 7:30pm

Neonatal Unit: Tel: 365046

Unless otherwise stated on this page:

There is 24 hour open access visiting for parents and guardians on the Neonatal Unit.

Any other visitors: 3pm to 7:30pm

Coronary Care Unit: Tel: 366508

11.30am to 12:30pm, 1.15pm to 2.30pm, 4.30pm to 5.30pm and 6.15pm to 7.30pm and 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Ellesmere Port Hospital - Visiting Times

Visiting for all wards is 11am to 7:30pm

Ward Name Ward No. Contact Numbers
All the numbers listed in this section are Chester Numbers (01244) unless otherwise stated

EPH - Sapphire Ward


362104 or 362860

EPH - Ruby Ward


362978 or 362968

EPH - Diamond Ward


362818 or 362956

EPH - Emerald Ward


362954 or 362940

Maximum of two visitors per patient

We request that visitors adhere to the visiting standards set by the Trust by making sure that no more than a total of 2 people visit their relative/friend within set visiting hours. This means that only TWO visitors are allowed to visit a patient during a single visiting time session.

If you need to visit a critically ill patient, or are unable to visit within these times please contact the nurse in charge of the relevant ward via the hospital switchboard on 01244 365000 or speak to staff on main reception who will provide assistance. If you do require any further information please contact our PALS team who are available from 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, on Freephone 0800 195 1241

Protected Mealtimes

Protected Mealtimes are in place in many areas of the hospital for patients and you may be politely asked to leave the ward until the protected meal time is over.

This initiative encourages wards to stop all non-urgent clinical activity during mealtimes. During this time patients can eat their meals without interruptions and nursing staff are available to offer help to those who need it.

The Protected Mealtimes initiative was introduced to the NHS in 2004 as part of the Better Hospital Food programme. It continues as part of the productive ward series (2008) and is supported by the Royal College of Nursing and the National Patient Safety Agency.

Protected Mealtimes have raised awareness of the importance of patient's nutrition. The ambient environment creates a peaceful atmosphere for patients and meal times are now an unhurried process.

Telephone calls

Every hospital bed except in CCU, ITU and HDU has a bedside TV and telephone, patients can use this facility to both make and receive telephone calls. There are also public telephone kiosks in the main hospital corridor, in the Accident & Emergency Department and in the Women & Children's building.

Mobile phones may be used on the hospital site in waiting areas, entrance areas, restaurants and shops, and main corridors but they are not permitted to be used on ward areas by patients or visitors.

For further details on Patient and Visitor information, please click here.