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"I couldn't wait to get started at work but I would say people should only do an apprenticeship if they know they’ll be able to deal with the time and commitment needed."

Julia, 16, works as an Appointments Clerk

When did you start at the Countess? Jen8312editedit 2

I started at the beginning of August 2016 just after leaving school. I started out working in Outpatients 1, but I've now got a full-time job in the Access Division.

What do your friends and family think about you working here?

They’re really proud of me for getting myself sorted so soon after leaving school.

How did you become an apprentice?

I never wanted to go to college or sixth form so I was always looking for an apprenticeship. When this came up it really stood out. My auntie works here so I was asking her about things and that made me want to become part of it as well.

What were you hoping to get out of the apprenticeship?

Mainly just hoping to get a permanent job, like I have now, and then just to progress and hopefully stay in the NHS for as long as I can.

What makes you want to work in the NHS?

I really like to know we're helping patients. It’s really nice when you do things for people and they’re really appreciative.

What’s it been like since you started?

Just the idea that a few months in I was getting offered a full time role is just brilliant. It’s better than I thought but exactly what I wanted.

So you’re still officially an apprentice, but you’re now in a full-time role – what does that mean?

It doesn’t feel that much different really. Obviously I have a different job, but I still see my tutor twice a month for about half an hour to go through some questions related to the job and have that support.

Are you glad you made the decision to become an apprentice?

Yes, definitely. I feel if I’d stayed in education it would have been a missed opportunity because I feel once I’d have turned 18 I’d have tried to get a full-time job anyway. Starting two years early has given me a great advantage.

What would you want to do in future?

Just see where I can go on to next, hopefully I can keep progressing at the Countess. Just wherever it takes me really.

What do your friends think about you making a different choice to what they might be doing?

I think they found it strange at first because I wasn’t able to see them as much, but we’re used to it now and they're really happy for me.

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