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"There is a real sense of achievement working in the NHS when you do something good."

Tom, 23, works as a Buyer in Procurement

Can you tell me a bit about your role?  Jen8361edit 2

My role as a buyer is to do all the maintenance contracts and buy goods into the Trust and machines in line with the Trust’s financial instructions. Obviously you have to follow those guidelines and processes to get the best deal for the Trust.

When did you start?

I started in February 2015 alongside Ryan. I started in supplies and stores, while Ryan started in the processing office and then we’d swap places every three months. It was really helpful to be in supplies because when you get your queries through you understand where things would be dropped off and the processes involved when you’re just on the end of a phone.

What made you think about becoming an apprentice at the Countess?

I found out through NHS Jobs, signed up and waited to see what was out there. I found it hard to get a job because you always need experience, but that’s exactly what the apprenticeship gives you. Now I’m in a good place for a good career.

What did you hope to get from the apprenticeship when you arrived at the Countess?

Exactly what I’ve got at the minute – a career. I wanted a stable job and quite decent money.

What are you hoping to do in future?

I want to stay in Procurement and climb the ladder in the NHS. There is a real sense of achievement working in the NHS when you do something good.

What would you say to someone thinking about becoming an apprentice at the Countess?

Definitely do it. Everyone I’ve come across at the Countess has been really nice. We came across most people in the hospital when we had to take deliveries and stuff and everyone is so positive so I’d recommend it to anyone.

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