Acute Medicine

The majority of admissions are emergencies direct from GPs and pass through the Medical Assessment Unit or CCU once admitted into the Countess of Chester. A full range of unselected general medical referrals are accepted, by Clinical Site Co-ordinators performing a bed management function in conjunction with Bed Bureau and liaising with staff to provide an efficient admissions system.

Patients are reviewed by the medical staff 'on-take' with support from the Clinical Support Workers. This has improved the quality and efficiency of emergency admissions care. The "Physician of the Week" concept, developed in 1995, provides further support which aims to provide an effective admissions procedure.

"The division now benefits from an all year round Rapid Response Team"

The Division now benefits from an all year round Rapid Response Team which is a joint initiative with the Community Trust and Social Services. It is now an integral part of managing emergency admissions. Patients are assessed by a multi-disciplinary team in Emergency Medicine and suitable patients are then managed in the community with support from District Nursing and Health Care Assistants. The service also accepts referrals from GPs and other members of the PHCT. Here are some of the departments' details:-

  • Medical Assessment Unit (MAU) - 27 beds.
  • Consultant "Physician of the Week" - since 1995.
  • Unselected acute medical take.
  • Thrombolysis in Emergency Medicine/CCU.
  • Incoming calls accepted via experienced Clinical Site Co-ordinator.
  • Rapid Response Team.
  • Old Peoples' Rapid Assessment (See Older People's Medicine).
  • Cardiologist of the Week - since Autumn 2003
  • Assessment Nurses.
  • 10 Clinical Support Workers who undertake basic medical duties (eg cannulation) both on MAU and across the hospital.
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