The department of Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain Management all deliver care to patients in the operating theatre suites, maternity unit, critical care unit, emergency department and interventional radiology.

Your anaesthetist will see you before your operation to discuss your health and the options available to you. They may recommend general anaesthetic or a regional technique. The department as a whole is keen to employ regional anaesthetic techniques to improve anaesthesia and reduce pain after surgery.

Critical Care Unit

A new Critical Care Unit will be opening at COCH in the spring of 2014. Patients will be cared for by a specialist team of doctors, nurses and physiotherapists in single rooms. The capacity of the new unit is set to increase to accommodate the new South of the Mersey Arterial Centre.

Pain management

There are 3 consultants with a specialist interest in the management of Chronic Pain, supported by an associate specialist. They see patients in out-patient clinics and may recommend specific procedures to ameliorate the painful symptoms.

Anaesthetic pre-assessment

When your surgeon has recommended an operation and you have agreed to go ahead you will be asked to visit the pre-assessment clinic. A nurse will check your medical history and check your home support before deciding if you need to be admitted to hospital overnight or your operation can be done as a day case. There are information leaflets for you to take away and read at home. Patients who are having a hip or knee replacement will get an opportunity to talk to an anaesthetist at Joint School before their operation.

Sometimes for major surgery you may be asked to revisit the pre-assessment clinic to meet your anaesthetist and agree the most suitable type of anaesthetic.

Permanent members of staff


Dr S Bricker, Dr N Campbell, Dr D Castillo, Dr L Cheater, Dr D Childs, Dr E Forrest, Dr S Hill, Dr P Jameson, Dr A Logan, Dr P Mullen, Dr R Nelson, Dr N Rajadurai, Dr S Ridler, Dr N Robin, Dr M Skues, Dr S Tighe, Dr A Troy, Dr L Wilson, Dr E Young.

Associate Specialists      

Dr F MacRae, Dr M Khan, Dr V Thirunavukkarasu

SASG Doctors                    

Dr M Duskova, Dr J Fanning, Dr A Jhamatt, Dr M Salit, Dr C Stamper-Clark


Trainee anaesthetists spend between 3 and 12 months at a time at COCH, they are responsible to a consultant at all times.

8 Core Trainees and 8 Specialty Trainees


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