• Dedicated diabetes/endocrine unit
  • District wide shared care with GPs
  • Retinopathy screening by community optometrists
  • Joint ante-natal clinic (weekly)
  • Joint paediatric handover clinic (quarterly)
  • Young persons' clinic (monthly)
  • Foot clinic (weekly)
  • 3 Consultants
  • 4 Specialist nurses
  • 1 Dietician
  • 3 Clinical Assistants sessions
  • Podiatrist
  • There is a shared care arrangement for Diabetes with all local GP's supported by a fully integrated district based diabetes register

"Diabetes Essentials" - your local diabetes education service

“Diabetes Essentials” offers this healthcare essential to people living in Western Cheshire (Chester, Ellesmere Port & the surrounding areas). Separate sessions exist for those living with Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes or Borderline Diabetes

What is Diabetes Essentials?
Group information sessions to support people living with the condition
Sessions include information on
• What diabetes is
• What essential care you should receive from healthcare services
• Information on how to manage your condition day to day
• Myths & facts about diabetes
• Long term complications risk
• Supporting organisations and local service

Group sessions offer the opportunity to meet other people with the same condition and also to share experiences of living with diabetes.

When and where are the sessions held?
There are a number of venues within Chester and the surrounding locality. Groups are held in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Is there a cost?
The session is a free NHS service. Some venues may have a parking fee.

Can I bring anyone with me?
Feel free to bring one other person with you.

Which session should I attend?
The following sessions are available:

• Borderline Diabetes
• Diabetes Essentials Type 2
• Diabetes Essentials Type 1
• Diabetes Essentials Kidney
• Diabetes Essentials Foot

If you are unsure which course you should attend please speak to your GP or nurse.

How can I attend Diabetes Essentials?

If you would like to attend one of the sessions please call Therapy Services on 01244 365 234 or email Diabetes.essentials@nhs.net

We also run a Diabetes Essentials Facebook page which has lots of useful information about our groups including when and where we meet in the community. To visit our Facebook page click here: www.facebook.com/DiabetesEssentials/

This is a self-referral service; you do not need a healthcare professional to refer you. However speak to your healthcare professional if you want more information; they can refer you if you prefer.

Research Studies 

If you would like to know what research studies are available in this speciality please contact;

Susan Seal - Research Nurse - 01244 363 619 - susan.edwards11@nhs.net


HoYee Cheung - Diabetes Health Care Assistant - 01244 363619 - hoyee.cheung@nhs.net

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