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Endoscopy Decontamination Cycle

The quality of all re-usable devices processed within this department is managed and controlled by both International and European Standards. Each stage of the reprocessing life cycle is monitored and audited with any resulting actions taken.

Decontamination LifeCycle


 Want to see how our Endoscopy decontamination takes place? Take a look below. 

1. Manual Clean and Leak Rate Test 

This will help to reduce the possibility of drying and causing channel blockages, especially if there is a delay before manual cleaning takes place. Any damage to the outer surface could allow body fluids or chemicals into the internal workings of the endoscope. Brushing of accessible channels and flushing of all channels to remove organic matter. This stage will also allow the detection of channel blockages.


2. Chemical Disinfection Process 

To expel excess fluid that may dilute the disinfectant To eradicate potentially pathogenic micro-organisms, i.e. bacteria, including mycobacteria and viruses. Aperlan solution A,B,  is used to disinfect the scopes at a low temperature 


3. Quality Control 

The scopes are quality controlled at each stage of the Decontamination process ,if any fail to meet the required standards it is either removed from service and a more detailed investigation is carried out , or reprocessed through  the full decontamination cycle in full.




4. Drying Cabinets

Endoscopes are stored suspended vertically in a designated endoscope storage cabinet to allow circulation of air. They should not be in contact with other endoscopes or with flat surfaces. Endoscopes should be stored hanging up so that any residual fluid does not remain in the channels. Each endoscope should be stored with its detachable parts having been dismantled in a manner which ensures security and keeps components together as a unique set. Endoscopes must be reprocessed if more than three hours have elapsed from the last decontamination process, according to manufacturer’s instructions. The endoscopes will have been cleaned and disinfected prior to storage. Therefore repeat brushing is not required.


5. Vacio Scope Packing 

We vac pack scopes for up to 28 days, this relieves the pressure on out of hours and weekend service. For transportation can be taken anywwhre around the hospital.