Four volunteers and fundraisers pose for a group picture dressed up as characters from the Marvel Comics.

Want to Fundraise for the Countess Charity?

We currently have over 80 different funds within the hospital which means you can choose to support almost any area or department with your fundraising.

Ensuring that we provide the very best facilities and environment for our patients could not happen without the generous help from our indivdual fundraisers coming up with new, innovative ways to fundraise!

Please contact us and let us know your plans and find out how we can help!

Struggling for ideas?


How can we help?

We can provide:

  • Templates of posters or tickets for you to adapt
  • Sponsorship forms including Gift Aid information
  • Publicity on our social networking sites and support to get you social networking
  • Collection buckets and tins
  • T-shirts for you to wear during your event
  • Letters of authorisation
  • Don’t forget to tell us about your event and send us photos!

If you need anymore information or want to let us know about your event email: