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Other Patient Services


A growing number of staff are learning British Sign Language to help with every day conversation but a qualified interpreter is required for communication between patient and clinician. Please let us know in advance if you wish us to arrange this service for you. Similarly, if English is not your first language and you need the help of a translator to speak with a clinician we will provide this service through a telephone-based interpreting service and for ordinary conversation mainly by members of staff.

The Spiritual Care Centre

The Spiritual care Centre is situated on the first floor near the bridge. It is always open and is a place of quiet for everyone. The centre welcomes people of all faiths and beliefs and does not have any allegiance to specific religions.

Our Chaplains are always available for prayer and spiritual support as and when required. Anglican, Roman Catholic or Free Church clergy are appointed by the hospital. To contact any of them, please call the Hospital switchboard on 365000 and ask for the chaplain. Contacts for other denominations or faiths are listed in the hospital staff handbook for the spiritual care of patients. Please ask a member of staff who will help you.

On Sunday at 11am there is an Interdenominational Service with Holy Communion for staff, patients and relatives. Helpers are available to assist patients to and from the Centre if needed. Holy Communion is also available on the wards. Please ask the nursing staff to inform the hospital chaplain. Gideon New Testaments are placed in each bedside locker - please tell a member of staff if it is missing. Copies of the Koran are also available, together with other Holy Books, for example the Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu faiths.


Much work has been done to improve and develop the garden areas in the quadrangles of the General Wing and the Women and Children's building. A lovely garden of life has been created not far from the main reception area. The Diana, Princess of Wales garden was completed in 2004, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the hospitals opening by the princess who was the Countess of Chester. A special Japanese garden has also been developed by the Chester Childbirth Appeal in the Maternity Unit. For patients, visitors and staff, these are tranquil places for moments of beauty, peace and quiet.

There are a number of courtyard gardens located throughout the Trust, some of which are open to patients, staff, visitors and relatives to enjoy. These include:

  • The Garden of Life
  • Ward 60 Chemotherapy
  • Comfort Zone patio area
  • A&E garden

Other gardens which are not open for public access include:

  • The Princess Diana Garden
  • Royal Infirmary Hospital Garden
  • Japanese Garden
  • Therapies Garden

Macmillan Cancer Support

The Trust has a specialist Cancer Support Service which offers advice on how to cope with the problems and issues that arise following a cancer diagnosis, with practical help to complement the medical information which is provided. You can contact the Trust's Macmillan Cancer team on 01244 364948. For more information on Macmillan, visit: