Maternity Services

We are delighted you are considering using our Maternity Services. Having a baby is an exciting time for a woman and her family and we hope we are able to do everything possible to ensure that you and your partner feel confident, relaxed and safe throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

We provide care to all women in Chester and Ellesmere Port, as well as women who live out of the area who choose to have their care at the Countess of Chester Hospital.

The philosophy of the Maternity Services is to provide each woman with the appropriate care for the well-being of the mother and baby. All women are booked for Midwifery Care unless the risk assessment undertaken at the Booking appointment indicates that medical input is required, and then care will be shared between the Midwife and the Consultant.

Ante Natal
Your antenatal care will be provided in the Community, this may be in your home, the GP surgery or the Children’s centre. If you need medical input you will have some of you appointments at the hospital Ante- Natal Clinic.

Ultrasound scans are done at the Maternity Unit by qualified Ultrasonographers, in low risk pregnancies you will have a dating scan at approximately 10 weeks and then an anatomy scan at 18-22 weeks.
To support women who require additional care and assessment during their pregnancy, the hospital has a well-established Obstetric Day Unit, a Fetal Medicine Department, Medical Disorders Clinic and High Risk Clinic. We also offer a clinic for women who have had a caesarean section previously and who wish to discuss their options for the next pregnancy – Vaginal Birth after Caesarean Clinic.
There is a Holistic Clinic run by Midwives who have had training in aromatherapy.

For women who need extra support, there are specialist midwives who include – mental health, diabetes, infant feeding, and screening.

Prebirthing  and Infant Feeding Classes
These are classes that are designed to give expectant parents information about antenatal, labour and postnatal issues. These are issues such as pregnancy changes, responding to your baby, strategies to manage labour and information on feeding and caring for your baby. F
For further information discuss with your community midwife or visit:

The Community Midwives are able to offer the option of a home birth. You can discuss your wishes with your Midwife and she will be able to help you with your birth plan.

There is a Birthing Suite within the Maternity Unit which offers a ‘home from home’ environment,  which has a peaceful, calm and quiet atmosphere with a birthing pool in each room and comfortable furnishings to allow for extra mobility and the option to adopt different positions.

The Delivery Suite consists of an Assessment area and a Labour ward. The Labour ward has 8 rooms, 4 with baths. The Labour ward is fully equipped with obstetric, anaesthetic and paediatric back-up. There is also a Theatre, Bereavement Room and Neonatal Unit. If you have your baby in the Labour Ward, your midwife will encourage you to be mobile and focus on normality. Each shift is led by an experienced Midwifery shift leader.

You will receive guaranteed one to one care when in labour, whether at home, in our Midwifery Birthing Suite or on the Labour Ward.

Post Natal
Following delivery, you are able to go home within 2-6 hours if you and your baby are well. You will then be supported by your Community Midwife and the Community Midwifery Support Workers.

In November 2010 the Maternity Unit was awarded Baby Friendly Initiative accreditation and in April 2013 the unit was reaccredited. All our Midwives and Midwifery support staff attend annual updates on infant feeding, and are able to support and help you with feeding your baby. We also have a Specialist Infant Feeding Clinic that provides a Frenulotomy service (tongue tie).

The Postnatal Ward has 32 beds, 13 of these are in single rooms.  If you need to stay in the hospital -we encourage your partner to help and support you and your new baby. Partners can attend feeding and bathing demonstrations. There are tea and coffee facilities. On the ward there is a Transitional Care area, where babies who need extra support with feeding or keeping warm, are able to stay with their mum.

All babies are offered the Baby Hearing Test either on the Ward or in the Community.

Who is Who

Kathie Grimes – Head of Midwifery
Jean Fisher- Deputy Head of Midwifery/ Delivery Suite Manager
Lorraine Milllward- Community midwifery manager
Cath Sales- Practice development midwife
Jill Ellis – Fetal Services Specialist Midwife

Karen and Hannah - small perinatal mental health midwives

Sharon Jones - Infant feeding specialist midwife/Lactation consultant IBCLC

Carla Malpeli - Screening Coordinator

Karen Knott - Mental Health Midwife

Paula Edwards - Cestrian Ward Manager


Consultant Obstetricians

Dr Davies                                 
Dr Rao                                                    Mr Semple          
Mr McCormack                                       Dr Dinardo
Dr Brigham                                             Dr Van Rij
Mr Ibraheim                                            Dr Finney
Mr Hawe

Visiting times
Partners - 9am to 9pm
Only mums own children please.
All other visitors 1.30pm to 4pm, 6.30 – 7.30pm.

Visiting on labour ward is for up to two nominated birthing partners.

To begin your Midwifery Care at the Countess of Chester, call our Booking Hotline on 01244 363487.

For regular updates on maternity services visit and 'like' the Maternity Facebook page here.

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