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Improving the experiences of our patients and their families

A new Patient and Family Experience Strategy is at the forefront of a new approach to improve patient care.

Developed using feedback from patients, the new strategy sets out a new vision for how care will be provided.

A better patient and family experience leads to improved patient safety and higher satisfaction for patients. Improving health outcomes can also be associated with patients having to spend less time in hospital and can reduce the likelihood of a patient being readmitted to hospital.

Sue Pemberton, Director of Nursing and Quality & Deputy Chief Executive explained: “We have listened to our patients and they have told us that they want to be looked after, they want to feel safe, they want compassionate care and they want to experience good hygiene and have their nutritional needs met.

“Our new strategy sets out six clear steps to help us improve standards, provide better care and above everything else, make sure our patients have the best experience possible in our hospitals.”

The Trust is committed to improving the experiences that patients, families, carers and loved ones have in its hospitals and has pledged to work in partnership with patients and their families to explore every opportunity to improve the quality of care it provides.

Samantha Lacey, Associate Director of Nursing added: “Seeing patients experiences through their eyes is essential. We will continue to listen to, and learn from, feedback so that we can better understand how we can improve the experiences of our patients and their loved ones. We want our patients to feel supported from the moment they receive a letter, phone call or come through our doors to the moment they are discharged.”

You can read the Trust’s strategy here and view our three six-step patient and family visions: