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ITV Granada film at COCH as part of new bowel cancer awareness campaign

We were pleased to welcome ITV Granada to our hospital last week, as they filmed a news bulletin in our Endoscopy department, highlighting the importance of bowel cancer screening.
Consultant colorectal surgeon Dr Dale Vimalachandran spoke on the Granada Reports bulletin which aired last week, about the fact that bowel cancer is the North West's second biggest cause of cancer death.
The filming was in aid of a new campaign by North West Cancer Research called 'Remember When..? which urges people aged 54 and over to complete their home bowel cancer screening kits.
The campaign features items like Walkmans and old school TVs, with the message 'Remember this? Then it's time to complete your bowel cancer screening kit'.
Dr Vimalachandran says home kits can dramatically affect a patient's chances of surviving bowel cancer.
He said: "If we detect the disease at an early stage - two things: one, your outcome is much better and more importantly we have more treatment options available."
You can watch the bulletin here: