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Leap year babies born at Countess of Chester Hospital

Several extra special bundles of joy were born at the Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust today, all sharing a very rare and unique birthday.

Only once every four years, February has 29 days instead of 28, with all newborn babies arriving on this date known as 'leaplings'.

Since February 29 only comes around once every four years, it means that babies born today won't officially turn one until 2028, but the quirky date didn’t mean there was any less delight on the maternity ward when the little bundles of joy arrived on Thursday.

The hospital’s first leap year baby of 2024 to come into the world was little Reuben who was born at 6.30am weighing 8lb 0.5oz.

Despite arriving four days later than his due date, Reuben's parents Michelle and Mike are pleased their son arrived on such an unusual date.

"I do like the fact he has such an unusual birthday actually - it's quirky! And it's lovely he was the first baby to be born today," said mum Michelle.

"Although his birthday is February 29th, we've decided we're going to celebrate his birthday every year on 1st March to make things easier," she added.

Meanwhile, proud mum Gurvinder Kaur chose her as yet unnamed baby son to be born today, opting for an elective C section on this special day.

"We have been wondering when we'll celebrate his birthday and we think it'll be 1st March, although my partner thinks we should go all out every four years on the 29th with crazy parties!

"We could even extend the celebrations for three days each year," she suggested.

The leaplings born on the 29 Feb 2024 will also be the last ones to be born on the current maternity ward, as by the next Leap Year in 2028, the hospital’s brand new Women and Children’s Building will have already opened.

Due to officially open to the public in summer 2025, the new building will provide increased capacity and additional modern rest spaces for patients, families and staff all to enjoy, with services currently housed in the existing Women and Children’s Building set to move into the new development.

Published: 14/03/2024