Corporate Information

E.B.M.E Department

The EBME Department manages and maintains the specialised patient connected electro-medical devices utilised in the Trust and that of its customer sites.

Specialist Medical Technologists provide advice on the safe and effective use of medical devices to consultants, nursing staff, patients and carers. Managers in the Trust are provided with advice and recommendations related to trial, evaluation and purchase requirements based upon clinical needs for a wide variety of devices.

EBME staff provide services for life support, monitoring and diagnostic medical devices across all clinical areas of the Trust. The Trust has in excess of seven thousand medical devices in use in departments such as the Coronary Care Unit, Neo-Natal Unit, Operating Theatres, Intensive Therapy Unit, Renal Dialysis, etc.

The department is led by Jim Gavin EBME Manager and two specialties: Anaesthetics (Instrumentation) and Electronics, both supported by Technical Clerk Wendy Reade.

EBME Manager - Jim Gavin
Technical Clerk - Wendy Reade


Electronics - Carol Hatton, Nigel Williams and Dennis Williams
Anaesthetics - Stuart Eccles

The department prides itself in providing a cost effective, quality service with excellent response times to meet the needs of its customers and the service