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    • Mar06
      Countess introduces improvements to visitor parking (1)

      The Countess of Chester Hospital has introduced new measures to improve the parking experience for patients and visitors to the Trust. New parking machines have been installed in the Liverpool Road and Jubilee car parks that see the introduction of a multi-payment system that includes cash, card, contactless and smartphone payment facilities. ...Read more

    • Feb05
      Cabbies donate television for patients

      Black cab drivers in Chester have donated a new television for patients at the Countess of Chester Hospital after the old one stopped working. Patients in the hospital’s Intermediate Care Unit were left disappointed when their bay’s television broke during an episode of Strictly Come Dancing before Christmas. ...Read more

    • Jan12
      Red Cross returns to support patients home from Hospital

      The British Red Cross has returned to The Countess to help with discharging patients during the busy winter months. The British Red Cross Accident & Emergency (A&E) discharge service gives doctors and nurses the confidence to discharge vulnerable patients safe in the knowledge that the British Red Cross will see them home. ...Read more

    • Jan04
      Information about operations and appointments

    • Jan03
      Flu and Norovirus advice

      January is a time when people often find themselves with the dreaded flu or a winter diarrhoea and vomiting bug. Whilst these are very unpleasant, they can usually be treated at home and hospital doctors are urging people to make sure they know what to do if they get the flu or another minor illness. ...Read more

    • Dec08
      Co-ordination Centre Programme launches at Countess

      New patient flow technology is launching at the Countess of Chester Hospital that will reduce the time people spend in hospital by improving bed management and giving staff more time to care for patients. The Co-ordination Centre Programme uses 4,000 sensors installed throughout the site to create a real-time picture of the entire hospital, giving the location of tagged equipment and picking up data from badges and electronic wristbands staff and patients are being asked to wear. ...Read more

    • Nov10
      Physio Awareness Day 2017

      A Deeside office worker’s desire to get back on her feet as soon as possible after a quad-biking accident helped her to defy expectations. Danielle was told it could take seven months for her to walk again after breaking her right leg, fracturing her left ankle and heel bone in the crash on 1 September 2016, but her dedication to her rehabilitation instead meant she was back in heels and able to walk using crutches in time for last year’s office Christmas party. ...Read more

    • Oct30
      Chester physio helps to change bed rest culture in Ethiopia

      When Senior Physiotherapist Nicola Jarman travelled to Ethiopia earlier this year she had no idea how challenging, yet inspiring and heart-warming it would be. Having been picked as one of two physios to represent the Northwest Orthopaedic Trauma Alliance for Africa (NOTAA) she arrived in Hawassa, via Istanbul and Addis Ababa, filled with enthusiasm and excitement. ...Read more

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