What is Audiology?

We are a busy outpatient department providing a comprehensive range of diagnostic and

rehabilitation services for hearing and balance for both adult and paediatric patients.

Where are we based?

The department of Clinical Audiology is situated in the Countess of Chester Hospital and is located on the first floor of the CARE building in Outpatients 4 (Waypoint F19).

We also offer Audiology appointments at the following clinics in the Community:

  • Ellesmere Port Hospital
  • Helsby Health Centre
  • Neston Clinic (Mellock Lane)

How do I access Audiology services?

To access our services, new patients will require a referral by their GP.

Existing NHS hearing aid patients can access our drop-in repair services directly, during the following days:

Countess of Chester Hospital:
Monday 9am - 12 noon (morning only) *First 26 patients only
Tuesday 9am - 12 noon (morning only) *First 26 patients only
Thursday 9am - 12 noon *First 26 patients only
Thursday 2pm - 4pm *First 20 patients only 

Pre-booked Audiology appointments are offered Monday to Friday 9-4.30pm. If you require a booked appointment at any of our locations please contact:

Department of Clinical Audiology
Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Liverpool Road,Chester,CH2 1UL
Tel: 01244 363020
Fax: 01244 366668
Text Phone: 07970 603292 (text only)


Where can I obtain batteries for my NHS hearing aid(s)?

You will need to show your brown hearing aid book to obtain batteries. Batteries for hearing aid patients can be collected in person (by the patient or family member/friend in possession of the patient's brown hearing aid book) from the following locations: 

  • Audiology reception at the Countess of Chester Hospital.
  • Main reception at the Countess of Chester Hospital
  • Main reception at Ellesmere Port Hospital
  • Main reception at Deeside Community Hospital
  • Main reception at Helsby Health Centre
  • Main reception at Neston Clinic (Mellock Lane)

For patients who are unable to come to the hospital or for whom it is inconvenient, there is a postal battery replacement service. Patients are required to post their brown battery book to Audiology at the Countess of Chester Hospital (address above). Please include a stamped addressed envelope (large stamp) so the hearing aid book and batteries can be posted back to you. 

What do I do if I have lost my NHS hearing aid(s)?

Hearing aids issued to patients from the Audiology Department are on long-term loan to patients and remain the property of the NHS. Should a hearing aid be lost, stolen, or damaged through neglect the patient may be liable to a charge to replace the loan hearing aid. Please contact the department using the contact details above in the first instance.

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