Transitional care

If your baby requires special care only and is 34 weeks and over you may be able to care for your baby with the support of a neonatal assistant on transitional care (based on the post natal unit). You will remain an inpatient during this time under the care of the midwifery team and your baby will continue to be reviewed on a daily basis or as required by the paediatric team.

Whilst on transitional care your baby will still be vulnerable to infection so please keep your visitors to a minimum and continue to follow the infection advise re hand washing and handling your baby. This is for your baby's protection. When your baby no longer requires support from the neonatal team he/she will be transferred to the care of the midwifery team or discharged home from transitional care. If for any reason you  are no longer able to stay with your baby he/she will be transferred to the neonatal unit for continuing care.   

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