Activating your referral:

Once you have let us know you would like to activate your referral, you will be offered an initial screening appointment with a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner or Cognitive Behavioural Therapist to discuss the difficulties you are having, in more detail. For some people one session may be enough, whilst for others a series of sessions may be required to help them talk through, understand and manage their problems. If treatment appointments are agreed, this will be with a psychological practitioner who works closely with the Rheumatology department.

If you would prefer to complete some work on your own there is a variety of self-help material available.

NHS Mental Health and Wellbeing:

Free information and guidance for common mental health problems;

Get Self Help:

Free downloadable CBT Self-Help information leaflets, and information about Mindfulness and practices;

Northumberland Self Help leaflets:

A range of free, valuable self-help resources;


Mental Health Organisation; 

Helpful books:

The "Overcoming" series (published by Constable Robinson) is a series of self-help paperbacks www.  

Mind over Mood - C. Padesky and D. Greenberger; a highly acclaimed cognitive therapy self-help manual


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