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Active Infertility Management at the Countess of Chester

"Putting fertility first"

Dealing with infertility can be an extremely stressful and upsetting process. For those couples who have to endure the pain and upset of not being able to conceive, it can be a very lonely experience. Many couples will ask "Why us?", when they are told that they may have difficulty conceiving a child.

You are not alone

However, you are not alone. 1in 7 couples will experience delays or difficulties in conceiving, and the evidence is that this will become an even greater problem in the future. At the Countess of Chester NHS Foundation trust, we recognise that couples who are experiencing difficulties in conceiving have to endure what seems like endless tests and treatments that may not necessarily result in a successful pregnancy.

The Countess of Chester Infertility Management Programme

At the Countess of Chester's Fertility & Assisted Conception Unit, we have established an Infertility Management Programme that outlines a series of investigations which aim to reveal the likely causes of a couples fertility problems and identify the most appropriate treatment options within the course of one full menstrual cycle.

Couples referred to the Countess and its Infertility management programme will be seen in the specialist fertility clinic within a very short time frame. At this appointment a full history and examination will be undertaken including vaginal swabs and an ultrasound scan to assess the uterus and ovaries. Male partner investigations including specialist semen analysis will also be arranged. Further detailed investigations such as testing the function of the fallopian tubes will be planned during this appointment.

Carrying out the appropriate investigations at the right time will allow both our specialists and our patients to arrive at a complete understanding of the cause of any problem before initiating the most appropriate treatment. The purpose of this systematic approach is to reduce unnecessary delays and reduce stress and uncertainty, which will hopefully result in a successful pregnancy.

Our Facilities

The Countess of Chester Hospital's brand new £600,000 Fertility Unit , is an extremely modern facility equipped with the latest technology to help clinicians provide the best treatment . In addition , the unit boasts a dramatic design interior with striking colour scheme to make it feel very different to a traditional hospital setting in an attempt to make patients feel more at ease during their investigations & treatment.

Hospital Map

Treatment at the Countess of Chester Hospital.

All couples have the right to be referred by their GP to a specialist Fertility clinic for consultation and investigations on the NHS. Your GP will be able to advise you if you are eligible to receive NHS funded treatment.

The Countess of Chester provides a full range of fertility investigations and treatments and is licensed by the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA). It was one of the first units to ensure that all its investigations and treatments were 100% compliant with the guidelines issued by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)

At the Countess of Chester we offer a full range of treatment that is funded by the NHS, and recent efforts by the team at the Countess of Chester and within the Primary Care Trusts mean that waiting lists for treatment have and are continuing to reduce dramatically.

For couples who need treatment but fail to meet the criteria for NHS funding, or for couples who wish to proceed to treatment more rapidly, the Countess of Chester also offers self funded treatment for Infertility and this can be discussed in clinic with the specialist. However it should be taken into consideration that self funded treatment for infertility can be very expensive and as with NHS treatment in spite of the use of the most up to date treatment there is no guarantee that treatment will be successful.

For Consultations please make an appointment with your GP

Research Studies 

If you would like to know what research studies are available in this speciality please contact;

Kerry Barker-Williams - Research Midwife - 01244 363 422 - kerry.barker-williams@nhs.net

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