Gynaecology Enhanced Recovery Pathway (ERP)

The Gynaecology Department has introduced the Enhanced recovery pathway for all our patients undergoing a Hysterectomy.

Our mission is for you to come into hospital as strong as possible, ready for your surgery, and to make a quick and speedy recovery. We will use the Enhanced Recovery Programme to optimise your nutrition, mobility and pain relief around the time of the operation. There is strong evidence from research as well as from our own patients experience that this will enable you to recover faster from your operation, with fewer complications. It involves all the staff caring for you (anaesthetists, nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists and surgeons) helping you to follow a clearly defined programme and most importantly requires your participation to make it work.

Together we will use as many parts of the programme suitable for you to achieve the best recovery.

The key parts are:

- Choosing the most appropriate surgery for your condition
- Attending a pre operative meeting or "School" ideally with your partner/ carer where members of all the people involved in your care, (surgeons, anaesthetists, Physiotherapists, dietitians, pharmacists and nurses) will advise you about your surgery and recovery
- Having a pre operative assessment to identify and specific needs and requirements prior to surgery
- Having nutritional high energy drinks before and again soon after your operation leading on to an early return to a normal diet
-Taking nutritional supplement drinks pre and post surgery and returning to normal eating and drinking habits as soon as possible after surgery
- Only being admitted on the day of surgery to avoid unnecessary time in hospital as well as inconvenience to you
- Having good pain relief and specialised anaesthesia to reduce pain and nausea
- Getting out of bed and having assistance if required  to walk soon after your operation
- Having set targets for discharge, you are fit to go home when you can mobilise with simple analgesia, are eating and drinking, and can cope with toileting and self hygiene.

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