Blood Sciences

The Department of Blood Sciences

The Director of Blood Sciences is Dr Shirley Bowles, Consultant Chemical Pathologist, and the Deputy Director is Dr Hilary Leggat, Consultant Haematologist. Dr Salaheddin Tueger, Consultant Haematologist, is the clinical lead for Haematology.

The Department provides a full diagnostic laboratory and clinical service to the Trust and to the local Primary Care teams.

The Laboratory uses state of the art analysers in all its laboratories and is fully computerised with electronic order entry. The department is accredited with CPA (UK) Ltd. A comprehensive range of tests are provided, including:

  • Routine chemistry profiles
  • Hormone assays
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Screening for Paraproteins (Electrophoresis and Immunoglobulins)
  • Sweat tests for Cystic Fibrosis
  • Routine Haematology profiles
  • Coagulation and Thrombophilia screening
  • Anticoagulant monitoring
  • Haemoglobinopathy screening
  • Blood film examination
  • Bone marrow assessment
  • Screening for glandular fever and malaria.

Where appropriate, specimens requiring analysis for unusual and complex tests aresent to selected referral laboratories.

Clinical Services

The full medical team includes:

  • Dr Shirley Bowles-  Consultant Chemical Pathologist, available on ext 5652 or secretary 5365
  • Dr Hilary Leggat - Consultant Haematologist, available on ext 5382 or secretary 5377
  • Dr Salaheddin Tueger - Consultant Haematologist, available on ext 5387 or secretary 5378
  • Dr Gillian Brearton - Consultant Haematologist, available on ext 4717 or secretary 5390
  • Dr Arvind Pillai - Consultant Haematologist, available on ext 5093 or secretary 5390
  • Dr Emma Lewis- Consultant Clinical Biochemist, available on ext 5653 or secretary 5365
  • Haematology SpR and SHO on rotation

The Consultant Chemical Pathologist runs a Lipid Clinic for patients with both genetic and secondary dyslipidaemias. There are general Haematology and Lymphoma Clinics held within the department and two Anticoagulant Clinics are held each week. Clinical advice and interpretation of results is always available and contact by telephone or e-mail to discuss cases is encouraged.

The Blood transfusion Department

The Transfusion Department provides a fully comprehensive laboratory and clinical service to the Trust. The laboratory has 2 automated blood-grouping analyser and is fully computerised using the Meditech Pathology System. All tests involved in the provision of blood and blood products are performed. The Regional Transfusion Centre (Liverpool) is the reference centre for more complex serological investigations.

The department works to the specification set out by the NHS operational impact group in accordance to the Blood Safety and Quality Regulations 2005. Antenatal testing is done within the Department and serological and clinical advice is always available. In accordance with NICE guidelines prophylaxis with Anti-D is now inplace.

There is a Hospital Transfusion Committee, chaired by Dr Hilary Leggat, which meets regularly to discuss transfusion issues associated with the Trust and provides feedback to the Management Board and the Risk Management Group.

The department is supported by a Senior Transfusion Practitioner, Louise Hodgkinson, Junior Transfusion Practitioner Trish Brown and Head Biomedical Scientist (Blood Bank Manager) Kirsteen Scowcroft whose role includes ensuring safe transfusion practice is performed within the Trust with particular emphasis on education and training. The Department is involved in an active audit programme to ensure that good transfusion practice is maintained.

Electronic issue of blood is being rolled out across the Trust, thereby improving the turnaround time for availability of blood.


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